Partner with Casso Consulting

On teams of professionals, successful team integration and effects of quality teamwork extend far beyond the workplace. Successful team performance positively affects the consistency and reliability of the work product, ability to adhere to schedules, client and agency relationships, and the public interest. ‘Teamability’ refers to the ability for individual contributors to successfully work together on a team to solve problems, overcome obstacles, and achieve common goals.

Simply put, including Casso Consulting on your team is a step in the right direction for creating ‘teamability’ on the project.

Project owners and consultant teams are looking to hire firms that are not only qualified to perform the work, but will also partner with them to meet their other interests. They want to trust that their professional team is looking ahead with their interest in mind, and will provide them with work products that engender public credibility. Although Casso Consulting is a small firm, we offer many benefits to partnering consultant teams.

Casso Consulting offers:

  • Proven teamability with agencies and consultants alike
  • Proactive, outstanding personnel
  • Successful delivery experience on large and complex projects, with multi-firm, multi-discipline teams
  • Accountability to the project scope, budget, and schedule
  • Consistent work products that minimize risk exposure and engender project credibility
  • Commitment to being quality conscious
  • Commitment to client service
  • Casso Consulting’s certifications as a Disenfranchised Business Enterprise (DBE), and Emerging Small Business (ESB) will further add value to teams seeking to win projects with federal funding.